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Lumbini Garden

Experience serenity at Lumbini Garden, a tranquil oasis replicating Buddha's birthplace, with statues and lotus flowers. Embrace the cleansing ritual, Bathing of the Buddha, to inspire wisdom and merits.

Lumbini Garden, Tumbalong Park

27th - 28th April 2024

10am - 7pm (Sat)

10am - 4pm (Sun)

Lumbini Garden, a serene and tranquil space designed to recreate the sacred birthplace of Buddha. Nestled among giant-sized statues and blossoming lotus flowers, this peaceful oasis pays homage to the original Lumbini Garden, where Queen Maya brought Buddha into the world.

Legend has it that upon his birth, Buddha took seven steps, each marked by the blossoming of lotus flowers beneath his feet. This miraculous event symbolizes the profound wisdom and purity that he would come to embody.

Here at the Lumbini Garden, we celebrate the Bathing of the Buddha, a ritual that represents the cleansing of our body, speech, and thoughts. By washing away the afflictions of anger, greed, and ignorance, we seek to purify our minds and cultivate merits and wisdom on our spiritual journey.

We invite you to immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of our Lumbini Garden, to reflect on the teachings of Buddha, and to experience the serenity and enlightenment that his birthplace represents.

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